Clubhouse Fundraiser Platters


This Clubhouse platter is delivered to your table ready for your arrival at your club fundraising event. In order to guarantee delivery, we have made this preorder facility available.

Platters are available as;

Function Platters (Serves 8 people)

    • Bread and dips: tomato and basil salsa, smoked paprika hummus, herb cream cheese
    • Savoury: sausage rolls, pies, quiches, crumbed chicken, tomato sauce
    • Seafood: salt and pepper squid, fish goujon, popcorn shrimps, fries, lemon aioli
    • Sandwich: assorted wraps, focaccia, and ginger sandwiches
    • Antipasto: prosciutto, salami, ham, grilled vegetables, bocconcini, pesto, breads
    • Cheese: New Zealand cheese selection, crackers quince paste, dried fruits, and nuts
What time will your team arrive in the Clubhouse?
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Clubhouse Fundraiser Platters

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