These conditions apply to all users of the National Hockey Centre, Harbour Hockey members and affiliated club use of spaces within the National Hockey Centre (excluding turf hire). 

All staff are conversant with the requirements of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 (the Act), which prohibits any sale of alcohol to minors (under 18’s). Signage will be displayed appropriately behind the bar stating that minors will not be served. Anyone appearing under 25 may be asked to produce identification. Identification of the prescribed type (New Zealand photo drivers licence, passport, 18 plus card, NZ Access Card) will be requested if any doubt as to age exists. 


All staff are aware that the Act prohibits any sale of alcohol to intoxicated persons and that intoxicated persons may not remain on licensed premises

Staff have been instructed in how to recognise the signs of escalating intoxication. Any person displaying such signs will not be served any further alcohol and may be asked to leave. Alternative drinks and food will be recommended when a person shows signs of being influenced by alcohol


Signage is displayed advising the range of food available & staff will actively encourage the consumption of food to slow the onset of intoxication.


For your convenience we stock a range of non-alcoholic refreshments and low alcohol beverages. Tap water is provided free of charge (at the bar and numerous locations around the venue, see map below)


A telephone is available should you wish to call a taxi. The phone numbers of taxi companies will be displayed and promoted as a safe transport option. Staff can assist you with information on other transport options.


No promotions that encourage the rapid consumption of alcohol or an excessive volume of alcohol will be initiated or carried out by any staff member. As good hosts the expectation is patrons will enjoy their stay on our premises. You are also asked to behave in a respectful manner to other guests and staff and we point out that our staff have legal obligations under the Act, which they must observe. Any refusal of service should be viewed by any recipient as an indication that we are concerned for your well-being and conscious of our obligations under the law.


Bookings can be cancelled up to 14 days prior to the first date of hire. Any costs incurred by NHHA may be recovered from the user club. Where a booking is cancelled inside of 14 days the full fee (if any) shall be payable. 


In the event of the Auckland Covid-19 Alert level being equal to or higher than Level 2 NHHA has the sole discretion to cancel any booking without penalty and the user club agrees it may not make any claim against NHHA. NHHA will use reasonable endeavors to fund an alternative time for any impacted bookings to be rescheduled on equal or better terms. 


Where the clubhouse is not otherwise staffed a fee of $30 per hour with a three hour minimum fee will be charged to have a staff member onsite for the duration of the booking. Where venue staff are otherwise on site no fee will be payable for the room or staffing. All food and beverage must be paid for either before the booking or before the conclusion of the booking. 


Before each booking the club will be asked to approve a function sheet by the Facility Manager. This function sheet will detail what will be provided in the booking along with the times and dates and any applicable costs. 


Any repairs, excess cleaning required or other exceptional costs incurred as a result of the club use of the National Hockey Centre for this booking will be billed directly to the Club. Future bookings of the National Hockey Centre may be restricted or cancelled until any overdue fees are paid. 


We ask that you leave the rooms in a clean state and take rubbish to an outside bin as you leave. A strict three-strike policy applies for cleaning and rubbish removal each Financial Year. A Club will receive a warning if it does not leave the hired space clean and ready for the next user. On the third occurrence warranting a warning, the Club will lose access to the Venue, any future bookings will be cancelled, and the Club will not be allowed to book any further bookings for the remainder of the Financial Year.